Finding the Right Dedicated Driver to Temporarily Replace Someone on Your Staff

You never know when your personnel might need a vacation or have an emergency at home that requires their attention. While this may be okay in some industries, it can lead to massive downtime if you have a delivery service of any kind.

Every team member is a crucial part of the entire system, from delivering roses around Valentine’s Day to routine routes that send crucial medication to local hospitals. When you have an opening for your current staff, you need dedicated drivers from our team at Swift Delivery & Logistics.

The Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Driver

No Ownership Costs

When you work with our professionally trained drivers, you can save the expense of hiring another employee.  Adding additional staff is costly and time-consuming.  Plus, additional savings can be realized by not adding another vehicle to your fleet.

Time Savings & Efficiency

At Swift Delivery & Logistics, we understand how crucial and immediate response to a staff absence is to operations. That is why all our dedicated drivers have been professionally trained to quickly step into your needed role so you can meet current productivity expectations.

Maintaining Customer Service Levels

Each of our dedicated drivers has a uniform and personal responsibility to maintain your current customer service levels. We want to enhance your current service standards so you suffer no setbacks in reputation or reviews.

Local Knowledge

A significant bonus for our drivers is that they understand the local region. Most of them either come from or have spent years living in the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas. They understand the ebb and flow of traffic around our area and know where to find shortcuts when necessary.

Predictable Costs That Scale with Business Needs

We are happy to provide customized dedicated driver services to fit your unique needs. That frequently includes tailoring our services in such a way where a custom contract is developed so all parties have a profitable outcome.

How Swift Delivery & Logistics Provides the Ideal Solution

To better meet your various staffing needs, we offer precision and reliability through our dedicated drivers. They have the expertise needed to step into the role necessary. All drivers have a clean driving record, are fully insured, and maintain the high standards expected within our industry.

In addition, we are a fantastic backup solution during peak seasonal demands, vacations, and any other times when your regular staff cannot meet the production schedules due to a spike in demand.


Let’s get started selecting your dedicated drivers today. Give us a call, and we can sit down to better understand your business environment and how we can support it in any situation. We prefer to operate as a reliable partner you can call on whenever necessary.

As a regional carrier service, we enjoy the flexibility and adaptability most national providers like UPS or FedEx cannot meet. Give us a call today, and let’s develop a customized plan for your local business.