Medical Courier Service

Medical Courier Service

Swift Delivery & Logistics offers a medical courier service serving healthcare providers and medical facilities across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. 

Our courier company has invested in the most sophisticated computer integrated dispatching system available. In addition, we utilize GPS systems with fleet management technologies that exceed industry standards for delivery and cell phone tracking to ensure an effective and prompt delivery response.

State-of-the-art delivery methods help transport your medical supplies securely, while customized solutions guarantee efficient service. A long fleet of state-of-the-art delivery vans ensures comprehensive coverage without compromising quality or delivery speed. 

Our team has over 29 years of experience in logistics, so whatever your needs are – be it daily courier pickup, emergency services, or deliveries across metropolitan areas – we can help! Call us today at 800-659-3647 to schedule a delivery. 

Our Clients and Medical Deliverables

Our commitment at Swift Delivery & Logistics is to streamline pharmacy courier services. We transport medical packages to and from hospitals, labs, research facilities, pharmacies, clinics, medical warehouses, home health agencies, and nursing homes. 

We have the experience and means to transport anything medical, including:

  • Medication
  • Samples
  • Blood products 
  • Medical specimens 
  • Life-saving organs
  • Medical equipment and devices 
  • Patient records
  • Test reports 

As a fast, reliable, and trustworthy pharmaceutical courier service, we know you need your medical packages transported quickly and safely. By providing a tailored solution for all our clients, we maintain efficiency and cost-effectiveness for all deliveries, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers. 

24/7 Availability 

In the medical field, you can’t always control when the unexpected will happen. However, when it does happen, you must respond effectively. 

At Swift Delivery & Logistics, we recognize you may need medical supplies quickly. We are proud to rank among the few logistic companies that guarantee 24/7 medical courier services in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. From blood samples to medications, trust that we can deliver any medical shipment fast – anytime. 

Reliable and Highly Qualified Staff

Our delivery staff wears uniforms for easy identification. 

We conduct in-depth background checks to ensure our drivers comply with our company, federal, and client standards. By focusing on the little details, we make sure our staff treats their job with the utmost professionalism and exceed our customer expectations. As a result, you get the confidence that your medical package will arrive safely and on time, regardless of the circumstances. 

Ongoing training sessions ensure our employees are up-to-date with the latest best practices, technologies, and ever-changing customer needs. That ensures continued excellence in courier and customer service. 

Our Shipping Process

Our process includes the following steps:

  • Booking: You can schedule delivery by phone or filling our online form
  • Pickup: Our delivery staff picks up your package while maintaining absolute privacy. 
  • Tracking: We use GPS and bar codes to ensure each shipment gets to its destination
  • Delivery: We guarantee on-time delivery times. You receive an SMS or email confirmation upon arrival. 

Book Medical Courier Service Today

If you need medical courier services in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, look no further than Swift Delivery & Logistics. With over 29 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to transport medical shipments quickly and safely. 

Is your healthcare center a multi-facility organization in need of a reliable courier service? Are you looking for an affordable last-mile solution for the pickup and delivery of blood and medical supplies? Whichever your needs, you can expect our pharmacy courier company to exceed your expectations. Call us at 800-659-3647 or fill our contact form to schedule a delivery with our team.

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