Medical equipment delivery service

Medical Equipment Delivery Services

Shipping medical devices/equipment can be life saving to the patient relying on them. Swift Delivery provides a variety of Medical Device services. Whether we are shipping a large CT Scanner to a hospital facility or a wound/diabetic supplies to a patient’s home, rapid response and attention to detail are our top priority.

Services Offered:

Door to Door

Swift can ship medical equipment and supplies directly to a patient’s home. If the equipment needs to be set-up, Swift’s drivers undergo training to do so. This is often known as White Glove Service in our industry. Verification of inventory and serial numbers is one of our specialties. We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of medical paperwork and HIPPA requirements. Our logistics technology can capture the point of delivery signatures and transmit this information to the customer in real-time or through an ASN file.

Hospital/Medical Facility Deliveries

Swift can delivery large imaging equipment directly to a hospital receiving area. This equipment may require a lift gate or specialized crating. We can utilize truckload or LTL, and Team drivers where necessary. We can also deliver surgical instruments and monitoring equipment prior to surgery. Our cutting-edge software can provide you with order tracking. We are also keenly prepared to handle last minute emergency deliveries.

Reverse Logistics

Swift can pick up soiled instruments and equipment that need to be sanitized for reuse. This can be done very economically. In fact, picking up expired or malfunctioning equipment is usually done when our drivers are onsite delivering new/replacement equipment.

What types of medical devices does Swift Delivery specialize in?

As of today, the majority of our medical equipment deliveries are in the dialysis field treating acute kidney disease. We deliver equipment and supplies to residences and hospitals to aid with dialysis, and we provide reverse logistics for these supplies. Second to dialysis equipment is our experience with after-wound care equipment and supplies. Thirdly, we are very experienced with laboratory specimen transportation.  These are critical, time-sensitive deliveries that require the utmost vigilance.

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