Box Shipments

Do You Have Boxes

Do You Have Boxes

Let Swift handle your shipments with our Flat Rate Service!

We Can Save You Money

We can save you a significant amount of money throughout the DC/Baltimore markets compared to our competition.

Our Service Areas

We provide service in all destinations inside and up to 30 miles outside the Washington DC and Baltimore Beltways with our flat rate service.

Box Weight

-Maximum box weight is 60 lbs./ Maximum weight per delivery 2,000 lbs.

Same Day Delivery when Placed by 9am

All Orders placed by 9:00 a.m. will be delivered by the close of business.

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Swift Delivery & logistics is a full service courier, delivery, transportation, and logistics company

Since 1992 Swift Delivery & Logistics has expanded the industries we service with our growing customer base – Here are a few industry specifics on the services we provide:

Swift Delivery and Logistics is experienced with retail store replenishment services, both direct to consumer or business to business. Our team can service your weekly, monthly replenishments and service your holiday and seasonal projects.

Industries where we have a proven track record and established long-term relationships with repeat services are:

Office Supply
Restaurant Supply
Electrical Supply
Swift understands deliveries to retail and warehouse establishments often happen after hours. We provide scheduled delivery services for replenishment for added convenience.

From Retail Products to Christmas Trees, Swift provides optimal end to end delivery and logistics solutions. We add value to your brand with a fast, dependable and trackable delivery solution. Swift acts as an “extension” to your operations.

Swift provides 24/7/365 delivery services to hospitals, medical offices, labs, surgery centers and urgent care facilities.

Most medial and healthcare services require fast dependable service. On-demand 2 hour to 4 hour delivery times are recommended.

Various Commodities are:

Medical Equipment
Blood Products (human and veterinary)
Surgical Instruments
Our agility enables us to meet your critical deadlines when they count the most! We also provide last-mile supply chain solutions for dental, optical, and pharmaceutical companies.

Swift is a Regional Carrier who provides services as a 3PL solution to FedEx, UPS, and other shippers assisting with overflow and missed packages.

Our same-day division enables us to adjust to a constantly changing environment at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s several skids or a small parcel, Swift has the drivers and vehicles to accommodate orders and maintain outstanding performance for our end users/customers.

Swift Delivery and Logistics will transport your display to and from convention centers, exhibition halls, stadiums or arenas.

Often a transport/delivery is not enough. Our team can assist with the set up and breaking down of your exhibit. Typically we require notice of the “set up” and “break down” dates, access to the location and contact name and cell phone on location.

We can provide ticketing, labeling, and packaging to assist with the breakdown process.

Critical Parts Services – Storage/Delivery/Reverse Logistics

Let us store your critical parts in our warehouse, pick and ship. We provide standard and expedited delivery services.

Swift offers reverse logistics solutions to handle your returns and repairs.

Swift….”We go the Extra Mile!”
Let Swift Delivery & Logistics go the extra mile for you today!
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Let Swift Handle Your Shipments

Do You Have Boxes? Let Swift handle your shipments with our Flat Rate Service!

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We can save you a significant amount of money throughout the DC/Baltimore markets compared to our competition.
We provide service in all destinations inside and up to 30 miles outside the Washington DC and Baltimore Beltways with our flat rate service. 
-Maximum box weight is 60 lbs./ Maximum weight per delivery 2,000 lbs.
-All Orders placed by 9:00 a.m. will be delivered by the close of business.


Same day delivery is the heartbeat of Swift Delivery & Logistics.

For nearly 30 years, we have provided same day, on-demand expedited courier and freight delivery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Swift also provides standard delivery, next day delivery and routed/scheduled services.  Learn more here.

From an envelope to several skids of freight, our uniformed delivery professionals have serviced hundreds of industries in the Baltimore Metro and Washington DC Metro Areas.  With two warehouse facilities in proximity to the I-95 Corridor we are a full service same day logistics company providing regional transportation services deliveries throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

Swift uses the latest technology featuring online order entry and GPS monitoring.  Once you establish an account, our team will provide you with a login and password to access your account online 24/7/365.

Our software Fleet Complete offers many benefits to our customers including, notifications for PODs (proof of delivery), tracking and reports to help you manage your logistics spend.

Let Swift Delivery & Logistics go the extra mile for you today!

Call us with any questions. —> (800) 659-3647



Swift Delivery & Logistics is pleased to announce our new location at 9701 Philadelphia Court, Suite G-1 in Lanham, Maryland.  This new state of the art facility enables Swift to offer warehousing and cross-docking services. Since 1992, Swift has consistently been a leader in the same-day delivery industry in the Washington, DC,  Baltimore, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our new warehouse will enhance our services by allowing us to pick up your freight for next-day delivery and incorporate it into our existing route system so your freight will get to your customers more timely and efficiently!

Swift can also store your freight in our warehouse and pick and pull your orders as needed!

This new service will reduce your need for space, inventory, and payroll resulting in bottom line cost reductions for your operation and quicker service for your customers! Of course, Swift will still continue to offer on-demand and dedicated, exclusive drivers services as well.

We are committed to on- time deliveries, superior customer service, and partnering with our clients to be an extension of their operations. Our motto is, “We Go The Extra Mile.” If you would like more information about how we can help you with your logistic needs, please call Larry Hill at 1-800-659-3647, or email  

7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Business Courier

Are you looking for courier services to handle the shipping needs of your business? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there over 76,120 couriers in the United States. The sheer number of couriers means that there is a lot of competition for your business.

How can you find the courier that fits your same day, next day and warehousing needs? Who is reliable and professional?  What services do you require?   Competitive costs?

Below are 7 questions to ask before you hire a business courier:

  1. How Long Have You Been Handling Courier Services?

It’s important to ensure the courier you are considering has experience in the industry. This is because you will want to know if they are familiar with the business and how to best deliver the services they promise. A courier service that has a reputation for customer service and on-time deliveries can go a long way.

After all, you are hiring a business courier because you have time-sensitive documents or items that need to make it to their destination as you request.

  1. What Sort of Training Program Have Your Drivers Received?

Before hiring a business courier, you should learn about any and all training programs they put their drivers through. But why does this matter?

Simply put, having a well-trained driver can help you be more confident that your items will be delivered safe and sound. Besides being a safe driver, you should learn more about their other qualifications.

For example, if you are in the medical field, your documents may include information that is personal and protected. This means you will need someone who is familiar with HIPAA compliance.

  1. What Is Your Responsiveness to Customer Needs?

Whether you are shipping goods or buying a product from a retailer, you should only deal with a company that is responsive to your needs.

You can speak with a prospective courier about their customer service program. This will help you get a sense of how they handle special requests and inquiries about delivery status.

In the shipping industry, there are also important considerations like inclement weather and traffic considerations. How does this courier handle communicating a change of plans?

If you are having trouble receiving direct answers to these questions, this could be a red flag. After all, if a business won’t address these inquiries directly right now, how can you expect them to help you when they are handling your courier services?

It’s better to learn these things ahead of time than to learn the hard way in a delivery gone wrong.

  1. What Technology Do You Use?

Years ago, hiring a local courier meant finding someone with a good reputation and a reliable mode of transportation.

But that’s changed in today’s digital age. You should speak with your courier about the sort of technology they use in their day-to-day operations.

Can you place same day delivery orders on the internet in a customer portal? How are they tracked? Do they include automations and POD services (proof of delivery) via email or text notifications?

These forms of technology can help streamline your requests and improve your overall shipping experience.

  1. What Delivery Options Do You Offer?

Your business courier should offer a wide range of delivery options and stand by their services.

This is important because you want to be confident that you can count on the courier to complete your delivery under the time constraints for that order.

Does the courier offer same-day delivery for all items? If not, what items are excluded from that list? Consider the sort of items or documents you will be shipping often and the average delivery time.

If a courier does not offer you the options you need, you should look elsewhere.

  1. How Does Your Pricing Compare to the Competition?

When you are looking for the best courier, it’s also important to consider whether or not their pricing is competitive.

Speak with a prospective business courier to learn their pricing structure. Then compare it to the competition so that you can determine if it is a reasonable price.

When comparing prices, consider the type of service being offered, along with other unique features of the service that may help justify the cost.

It’s also a good idea to speak with the courier about whether they offer any pricing discounts based on shipping volume. There may be some opportunities to save significant money if you use their services up to a certain level.

If a courier does not offer any volume discounts and they have a high price, they may not be the courier you are looking for.

  1. What Makes You Stand out from Your Competitors?

To earn your business, a same day delivery company, logistics company or courier should stand out from the competition in a unique way.

This can be because of the way they handle receiving deliveries, their pricing structure, or the technology they use. But more importantly, it may be the way they treat customers and their focus on providing premier service.

You should speak with a courier about what makes them different. This can help you be more confident that you are choosing the right courier for your company.

In Summary:

At Swift Delivery & Logistics we offer a wide range of unique courier services. These include same day delivery, rush 1-2 hour deliveries, scheduled services, warehousing, freight forwarding, luggage delivery, route deliveries and other shipments.

Our well-trained staff will identify the best solution to your situation. We do this by weighing all your options and evaluating them against your needs. This allows you to capitalize on our services and complete a fast, successful delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your company’s courier needs.

Parcel and Less than Truckload – What is the Difference?

Parcel carriers are spending less per shipment, and less-than-truckload shippers are spending less by reducing the “work” that goes into shipping, so before deciding what options are best you have to ask several questions about the shipment.   One of the services that Swift Delivery & Logistics has provided for over twenty years is LTL = less than a truckload.  More often than not, cost for services on LTL are less than parcel shipments via UPS DHL FedX.   Supply Chain 247 explains in simple terms what to look for in making the best shipment and same day delivery solution for your business and customer.  Many times shipping LTL is cost saving and more efficient.  What you need to know.  Read the story here…..

Cost vs Speed on Last Mile Delivery

Today businesses, their customers and consumers want service on demand 24/7/365.  As ecommerce and the movement of goods continues to grow, logistics companies are constantly looking at cost vs speed for last mile deliveries.  What do ecommerce consumers really value?  Swift Delivery & Logistics partners with logistics and supply chain providers for the “last mile” same day delivery.  Our warehouses located in Maryland and Virginia provide the delivery to your office or home door.  We found an interesting infographic that breaks down the supply chain and statistics on what is important to the online shopping experience.   Read more here…….