Do you have a volume of deliveries that require daily scheduled service? Swift’s Pre-Scheduled and Routed delivery network is your solution.

By offering pooled distribution and dedicated-route services Swift is a solution to your last mile delivery needs. Swift will analyze your requirements and create a routed program that works for your business and your customers. Thus allowing you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Last Mile Delivery refers to the last step of the delivery process. Moving the package from one destination to its final stop; usually, a residential address or business. Last Mile Delivery can range from a few blocks to more than 50 miles. Last mile logistics assist shippers to get their product to consumers or businesses quicker and more cost effectively.

Some of our Pre-Scheduled / Last Mile Supply Chain services include:

Inside Commercial Delivery

Office Supplies

Home Delivery

Medical Equipment

Industrial Delivery

Building Supplies
Data Center/Electrical

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