Risk Management Strategies in Delivery and Logistics

Being an industry leader in delivery and logistics does not come without risk. We have to ensure quality delivery of goods and parcels all year round, regardless of rain or shine. We love being in this business and finding unique ways to solve complex problems. Here are some of the ways our team at Swift Delivery & Logistics is mitigating risk to ensure you always have the very best courier service.

Investing in Technology

To meet the various optimization needs of our industry, we utilize a combination of off the shelf and custom designed software solutions. These are backed by cutting edge AI/ML enhancements and allow us to track all deliveries in real time. In addition, we can use technologies like online ordering, signature verification, and data analytics to uncover new insights crucial to expanding and adapting when the market demands.

Integrate Strategic Locations

Swift Delivery & Logistics is conveniently located in the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer strategic warehousing within spitting distance of local airport terminals to ensure the safe and timely distribution of goods to and from freight forwarding services. We also provide pick & pack services that help streamline your operations and better meet the ever changing flow of our local distribution hubs.

Utilize Signatures & Real Time Tracking

A significant risk in the delivery and logistics industry is not knowing where your package is or who actually signed for the items. Our team uses a combination of real-time GPS tracking with email notifications to keep all clients up to date on the current location and delivery window of their products. We also allow for digital and physical signatures that can be quickly verified in case there is a question about who accepted the goods, at what time, and in which location.

Offer Flexible Fleet Services

Another common risk is not providing the adaptability necessary for same day, next day, and regular route planning deliveries. Many delivery companies are stretched so tightly that an unanticipated deviation in a delivery route simply cannot be handled.  At Swift we have a combination of dedicated route drivers and “floater” drivers that are readily available to step for last-minute adjustments!


Leverage Analytics

The real risk you have to worry about in delivery and logistics are the problems you cannot anticipate. As part of our effort to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of your parcels, we have integrated modern data analytics. This allows our stakeholders to make well informed decisions concerning new innovative services, changes to current operations, and ways to further streamline current systems.


We love being an industry leader in delivery and logistics. Even with our focus as a regional supplier, the ability to overcome unique problems and develop powerful services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients is what drives our commitment to growth and flexibility.

While we know there is no way to completely mitigate the risks associated with our industry, we use tactics like those described above as well as many others so we can always remain your number one choice in delivery services.