A typical day at the office is stressful enough. So why would you rely on standard shipping methods to get what you need for your business in a reasonable amount of time? With so many delivery services available in our fast-paced world, you might have overlooked the personalized reliability that comes with a local courier service. Not only are local couriers more affordable than the big name delivery companies that like to increase their rates every year, their individualized service means you get your packages efficiently, at any hours that you need, and at a price that works for you. If anything, they’ll only add to your success.


Using a local courier service makes the best use of your time. That means you don’t have to wait days for a delivery or pay astronomical overnight fees. Your courier doesn’t have a truckload full of other deliveries that could potentially slow them down. The result is individualized attention that streamlines your need for getting a package from point A to point B while maintaining positive client relationships.


There’s nothing worse than missing a package or anxiously waiting for one to arrive. When you take advantage of a local courier service you can schedule your times for pickup and drop off so you’re never at the whim of some big name delivery service. By scheduling online and getting a quick quote you can track your delivery and save any electronic information for your business files. This saves you time and money from potentially having to hunt down a missing package.


A local courier service can offer more than specialized delivery times. You can also count on them after hours and during weekends. A regular delivery service only works within standard business hours, but courier companies let you make sure your important packages get where they need to be while everyone else is off the clock. This also includes holidays, giving your company confidence in knowing its shipping is being handled.


Local couriers offer affordable rates than big delivery companies, who can charge ridiculous prices for their services. Since they work locally instead of nationally or internationally, local couriers are able to charge lower prices for faster service and can be more flexible depending on your needs. In addition to the actual cost of using the service, your company also saves money by lowering the risk of lost or damaged goods. Your items aren’t being shipped in a packed delivery van where they could potentially get  broken or misplaced and cost you more money on replacement goods and additional shipping fees. A courier can also assemble items that may need to be put together, saving you the hassle of having to put something together yourself or hiring another person to do it.


Using a courier service already shows that your company takes pride in efficiency and professionalism. The recipient will feel important, strengthening your company’s reputation, which could potentially lead to more clients. Local courier services are also easier to contact in case of an emergency or miscommunication. You’ll never be in the dark about your delivery needs and can handle issues and provide solutions faster.

It’s no question that a reliable courier service is the best choice if your company handles a lot of deliveries. The next time you need a package delivered, consider the professionals at Swift Delivery and Logistics, serving the greater Mid Atlantic areas.

We are conveniently located between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC.

2 Warehouse Facilities:  Baltimore Maryland and Sterling Virginia.

Our headquarters is located off the I-95 Corridor near BWI Airport.  Our location in the Mid-Atlantic Region uniquely qualifies us to service three Metropolitan Airports:  BWI – IAD – DCA

Contact the team of delivery professionals to learn what the right courier company can do to optimize your business.

Swift Delivery & Logistics is a privately held, certified small business that opened in 1992 and conveniently headquartered in the Washington, DC-Baltimore, Maryland corridor.   Today, Swift Delivery & Logistics offers various types of transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution services throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

With first in class technology we continually provide our clients with reliable, professional, and cost effective delivery services.   In doing so for nearly three decades, we have built a strong client base because “we go the extra mile”!

Swift Delivery & Logistics shares one common goal: To provide successful delivery solutions to our customers.  Customer satisfaction drives the Swift Team and we work 365 days a year to uphold the high standards our customers demand.

Our Motto: We Go The Extra Mile…

With competitive rates and a variety of services for you to choose from, Swift Delivery & Logistics can customize services to meet your time requirements and your budget.

We understand the importance of your deadlines and the value of the commodity, products, items, documents being delivered.   We believe that when performing a delivery for your company, we are representing you as well – an extension of your operations!

Our Drivers & Staff

All drivers, dispatchers, sales representatives, and customer service agents are highly trained professionals who work with a hands on leadership team.

Stay on top of your competitors with progressive delivery technology.  As pioneers in delivery and package tracking, we provide 24/7/365 online orders, tracking and delivery automations for our clients.  Swift Delivery & Logistics keeps you ahead of the tech curve.

Swift is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and TSA Approved to Tender Air Freight and Handle Cargo Deliveries.

Our drivers are carefully selected by our management team. Each driver must successfully pass a criminal background check and many have received clearance from the TSA to perform for airport deliveries. Our drivers are uniformed and carry identification badges.

It’s no question that a reliable courier service is the best choice if your company handles a lot of deliveries. The next time you need a package delivered, consider the professionals at Swift Delivery and Logistics, serving the greater Mid Atlantic areas.