Why Dedicated Driver Services Are Essential for Your Business During the Holiday Rush

Holiday sales increase revenue across the board. They also boost the demand on your systems to the tune of $936.3 billion in 2022. With all that rapid growth during a short time period relative to the rest of the year, you need reliable and dedicated driver services to ensure all the various parts, supplies, and inventory you ship are properly delivered on time to the correct location.

For years, our team at Swift Delivery & Logistics has worked with local and regional businesses to ensure the proper delivery of goods. That includes offering “backup” drivers when your team is experiencing higher demand due to the holiday season.  Our motto is, “We Go the Extra Mile” for you today.  Holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, bring challenges. We can provide professional and highly trained drivers to supplement your fleet.

In addition,  we can temporarily replace any of your disabled fleet, so all your shipments maintain their operations. We are all about supply chain support and work with you to find a customized solution appropriate for your anticipated increase in sales.


How do we work so closely with you by providing dedicated driver services?

  • High Volume of Deliveries: The biggest challenge businesses of every size and shape face during the holiday season is the uptick in demand. We have cutting-edge software and procedures to bolster your fleet and drivers when you need them most.
  • Documentation Errors: With so much inventory moving through your system, it can be easy for a packing slip to go missing here and there. Our drivers are professionally trained and experienced to onboard quickly with your systems and avoid such mistakes.
  • Competitive Advantage: No business should be out of team members when the competition is high. There are fierce marketing campaigns to seize as much of the consumer’s attention as possible. Having dedicated driver services means you can meet that demand while your competitors are looking around for the solution you’ve already acquired.
  • Locally Experienced: Weather, accidents, and construction all play a part in getting your inventory from point A to point B. Our drivers have spent plenty of time in the region and understand the best routes during different parts of the day – even in rough weather. That makes it much easier to use them over someone who is not from the area and needs a bit more training.


Supply chain disruptions are an unfortunate reality of the holiday season. Between the influx of travelers and demand for various goods you provide, it shouldn’t be a surprise when bottlenecks occur.

Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of trying to find a last-minute driver or fleet resource. Turn to our professional, dedicated driver services to bolster your supply chain support. We work with everyone from local retailers to regional distribution centers and more. With modern tracking and logistical support at every level, our team is your answer to making it through the holidays on top.

Give us a call today and let Swift Delivery & Logistics be the perfect gift for your business.